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Financial Partnership

First, the Partnership Finance professionals are actively involved in the projects. Projects comprehensive examine, discuss and determine the structure of cooperation.

Second, the Finance Trust invests for a period of time. Usually, a Finance Trust fund established for a period of 7-13 years. The first 3-year period, with all the investments carried out successfully and the following years a number of shares converted into cash. For this reason, the outcome of the shares of Financial Partnership project managers to plan the start. Generally, the agreements also include materials strategy, the planned separation.

Thirdly, the Finance Trust generally invests in projects of special groups.

Fourth, the Finance Trust, except the interest for investments in the expectation of return. Rates ranging from 0% to 35% of the shares it with the solutions to the subsidiary. The main reason for this practice, as a bank letter of guarantee, and a degree of risk sharing are not requested.
Financial Partnership for Turkey, which started on the application examples can be seen in references.

Fifth Financial Partnership executive team knowledge, skills and experience, gives special importance.




Investment Capital

In essence, private equity (defined as risk capital can be said), Capital Investment in the field may...